Retailer of the Year…Again!
Indiana Dunes Tourism has again selected Molly Bea’s Ingredients to receive its 2013 R.O.S.E. Award (Recognition of Outstanding Service Excellence) as Outstanding Retailer of the Year based on voluntary customer feedback.

Our sincere thank goes out to all of our customers and everyone who voted for us. This award (and this business) would not be possible without you. We appreciate each of our wonderful customers and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you for all your support!

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What do our customers say about us?

  • “I have visited your store at least three times now. I love the idea, passion, organization and attention to detail that Molly Bea’s INGREDIENTS provides!”
  • “You were right, the Market Spice tea is amazing!”
  • “Thanks for the great looking munchies we received in the mail today.”
  • “Molly Bea’s holiday baskets look great – we’re very happy with them. We’ve been playing Santa since Wednesday and everyone has been happy to receive them.”
  • “We had to tell you again what a great experience it was to visit Molly Bea’s INGREDIENTS!! It won’t be long before you see us again. Also, thanks for being so informative about all your products…it always helps the customer.”